Welcome to Grace Club - a place for feminists. Grace Club is a safe place for community expansion, held in donated spaces, with a forum and structure designed for feminists. Our mission is to empower those in our communities to make positive and much needed change in the landscape of our civic, social, and economic advancement. We believe that the act of coming together in storytelling, and education, supports our mission, and creates new opportunities, ideas and conversations that will lead to greater healing, growth and prosperity for womxnkind.


Tavia Cosper

Tavia helps local businesses tell their story through marketing and communication initiatives. Grace Club has given Tavia a chance to not only connect with the amazing feminists in her life but with herself. You'll find Tavia behind the scenes working the business side, helping to organizing our monthly events and working with local community groups.


Maggie Anderson

Maggie is an avid learner, a dreamer upper, a community cultivator, a yoga teacher, and Mother of two daughters. She’s passionate about providing people space to be themselves, support, and celebrate each other. You'll find Maggie hosting Grace Club monthly events, seeking out dynamic speakers, and creating content on Grace Club's social media platforms.

Rules of grace club

Show up. Always. You show up for your people. You show up for yourself. You show up to do the tough work, and we cannot thank you enough for that.

Stay curious, open, and compassionate- we never know what others are dealing with.

Respect. This applies to people, their bodies, and the words you use. We don’t tolerate dismissive or hurtful comments - be mindful of how your own conditioning and blindspots might affect others. That means respecting the time of others, the spaces we are taking up, the pronouns and identities of others, and their boundaries.

Grace Club is a body positive space, and we do not subscribe to society’s beauty/gender/ability ideals. Please consider the way you speak of yourself and to guests.

No abusive language or behaviour. We have a zero tolerance policy on this one. If you cross this line, you will be asked to leave, and educate yourself elsewhere. The safety of our community is the most important thing on the proverbial table.

Grace Club is a judgement-free, shame-free zone. Accepting where others are on their own journey is a helpful awareness. Notice when you are feeling critical or experiencing bias, and self manage to move past your defenses and reactivity.

Be kind, and help out. We’re in this together.

In turn, ask for help when you need it. We are here for you, yet we are not perfect and appreciate your patience.

Try to use the above rules to guide yourself towards remaining open, to access and use your emotional intelligence, and lean in.

This is a space for education, and expansion. Sometimes that means getting uncomfortable, and vulnerable. You are safe and supported. Remember how worthy you are, and that we are all doing the best we can with what we’ve got.