Welcome to Grace Club - a place for feminists. We are here to foster connection and to find ways to move toward progress for all. Rooted in authenticity, expression, inclusion and activism; we offer a warm community where we can learn from each other, ultimately motivating social change.


Tavia Cosper

Tavia helps local businesses tell their story through marketing and communication initiatives. Grace Club has given Tavia a chance to not only connect with the amazing womxn in her life but with herself. You'll find Tavia behind the scenes, organizing our monthly events and working with local community groups.


Maggie Anderson

When Maggie isn't teaching yoga at Semperviva Yoga Centre, she's a stay-at-home volunteer wine taster and mama to two wicked-awesome feminist daughters. She loves giving the phenomenal womxn in her life space to be themselves, support and celebrate each other.  You'll find Maggie hosting our monthly events, posting inspiring and enlightening content on Grace Club's social media.