Using donated spaces, we facilitate events that inspire, empower and connect womxn*. Our events include speakers and storytellers, networking and support. After each gathering, we donate partial proceeds to a local initiative benefitting Vancouver’s marginalized communities.

*including two-spirited, trans and gender non-conforming folks

We are striving to create a financially, socially and physically accessible environment for all. All our venues will have wheelchair accessibility and we offer a limited number of sponsored tickets. To apply for sponsored tickets or offer any feedback on ways we can improve on inclusion, visit our Get Involved page.

Grace Lab - Inclusion with Jessie of KITH+common
8:30 AM08:30

Grace Lab - Inclusion with Jessie of KITH+common

Join Jessie Nelson from KITH+common and Grace Club for a workshop on Inclusion in the Workplace.


Jessie Nelson of KITH+common | community consulting will be kicking off our first Grace Lab session with a very important topic: Inclusion. They will discuss personal insights and specific tools that help create a more inclusive workplace and community, creating a space allowing people to come as they are.

This workshop is designed for you if you are:

  • an HR professional

  • a business leader

  • an entrepreneur

  • a people manager, or

  • anyone who has a desire to make an impact in the communities you serve and the people you lead

In these 3 hours we will take a deep dive into topics that will:

  • redefine your understanding of diversity and inclusion

  • show you how to create an inclusive environment at work and/or in your community

  • form conversations around our unconscious biases and habits, and

  • show you how to bring these practices to your teams, organizations and personal network in order to impact change and create more inclusive spaces for all people

This Grace Lab is an excellent way to develop your relationship with these topics, identify your own blind spots, and get into big, exciting conversation that will impact change!

Get you tickets now and share with your colleagues - tickets are limited.

About KITH+common

/kiTH/ - noun: kith; noun; kith nad kin - one’s friends, neighbours, acquaintances and relations. One’s chosen community; those you are surrounded by and who create a sense of belonging. 

KITH+common was born from and inspired by its essential purpose; to create space for others to be as they are, without shame. KITH is a pillar for all things community, specializing in business development strategies and community engagement approaches, all from an overarching lens of diversity and inclusion planning and integration. KITH offers inclusion consulting, customized content and training creation, and group facilitations. We will work with you and your organization to bring inclusive practices and insights to your internal culture in order to help create space for the diversity that exists to grow, flourish and impact change for both your organization and the communities you reach. We believe in creating space for all people to come as they are. KITH is in the work of inclusion to create space for all people to express their diversity and find power in sharing their unique lived experience.

About Grace Lab

Over the last two years of building our Grace Club community and bringing incredible storytellers to you, we began to see a need for tangible learning opportunities. Opportunities to supply useful tools that can be implemented into everyday life, your 9 to 5 hustle, and all the others places and spaces you spend time.

The intention:

Grace Lab exists to help bridge the gap between YOUR appetite for learning tools and the lack of affordable resources available to feed YOUR hunger!

The goal:

To partner with local experts across a wide variety of fields that interest YOU and funnel them all through The Lab!

The Purpose:

We are making it easier than ever for YOU to gain the knowledge you desire to be an active member in your community and in important conversations.


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Feminist Fight Club - Round 2
12:30 PM12:30

Feminist Fight Club - Round 2

Join us for a boxing workshop with Jaime Ward from Eastside Boxing!

This workshop will be geared towards those who are brand new to boxing and looking for a fun and comfortable environment to learn something new. The session will definitely make you sweat and maybe you'll discover a new favourite workout and/or stress release.

Introduction to boxing - perfect for beginners and excellent for all levels

- Learn proper boxing technique:

  • proper punch technique & hand position

  • proper boxing stance and footwork

  • learn how to generate power in your punches

- Aerobic and anaerobic conditioning drills - skipping, plyometric, calisthenics etc.

- Punching drills, bag drills, pad work and strength and conditioning

- Post workout hang time

- Inspirational and supportive environment

Tickets are only $30 and include a personal pair of wraps for you to take home!

All proceeds will benefit the Eastside Boxing Womxn's Program - Eastside boxing club is the only boxing gym in Vancouver to offer womxn’s only boxing classes and support for womxn in the community. The program offers beginner/intermediate and competitive boxing classes, self-defence classes, mom’s boxing classes with childcare and support for womxn at risk in the DTES.

Jaime Ward began her boxing training in 2005 at the Astoria Boxing Club. In her amateur competitive career she was a repeating BC Champion, North West Champion, Golden Gloves Champion, 2-time National Bronze Medalist and a member of the National Team. In 2012 she turned pro, winning her debut fight. By early 2014 she was ranked at #2 in Canada when she decided to retire to start a family (In 2017 she gave birth to a beautiful baby girl). Jaime came back to Eastside Boxing Club as a coach in late 2015 and has been heavily involved in Aprons for Gloves and Eastside Boxing as a coach, judge, referee and board member.

Get your tickets now! These are going to go fast!

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