Using donated spaces, we facilitate events that inspire, empower and connect feminists. Our events include speakers and storytellers, networking and support. After each gathering, we donate partial proceeds to a local initiative benefitting Vancouver’s marginalized communities.

We are striving to create a financially, socially and physically accessible environment for all. All our venues will have wheelchair accessibility and we offer a limited number of sponsored tickets. To apply for sponsored tickets or offer any feedback on ways we can improve on inclusion, visit our Get Involved page.

Activate Your Life - Grace Lab with Megan Soutar
9:30 AM09:30

Activate Your Life - Grace Lab with Megan Soutar

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Are you indecisive?

Do you say yes when you want to say no?

Are you unable to ask for what you want and need in relationships?

Have you ever stayed in a professional or personal relationship even when you knew it wasn’t for you? 

We promise, you’re not alone. If you answered yes to any of these q’s, you are experiencing the symptoms we feel when we forget how to listen to our own voice, our true voice; the voice of our heart. We stay when we want to go, we end up burnt out and resentful because we overcommit and we never make any decisions because we don’t know what to choose.

Join us for a morning of connection at the Activate Your Voice Workshop. You’ll remember that you have the power to choose your life and all it takes is a moment of quiet reflection and the permission, from you to you, to listen to yourself.

In this 1.5 hour workshop Megan Soutar will:

  • Guide you through a Throat Chakra clearing meditation

  • Teach you how to (re)connect to your inner voice

  • Help you understand how to take action simply by knowing what you want

  • Guide you through a process that will reconnect you to your most potent intuitive tool – your body.

Activate Your Voice, a gentle nudge back to you and your intuition.

Please dress comfortably and bring a pillow or bolster for some added comfort. You’ll need a journal (or at least some paper ☺) and a pen or pencil.

MORE ABOUT MEGAN - Megan Soutar is an Intuitive Coach and Reiki Practitioner who supports humans on the journey home to themselves. She believes the first step of every healing journey is making the connection back to our voice. Hearing ourselves, our true selves, and taking action from that place of truth is the way we begin to clear our path of emotional and spiritual debris so we can get where we want to go. Megan is trained in Positive Psychology, Reiki & Intuitive practices and works as a coach and self-healing guide in Vancouver, BC. 


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Movie Screening and Q&A - V6A
6:45 PM18:45

Movie Screening and Q&A - V6A


Join us for a special evening with Italian filmmaker Ruggero Romano for a screening of his film V6A, followed by a Q&A - ALL HUMANS WELCOME

Ruggero has called Vancouver home since 2016 and, witnessing the struggle of homelessness, poverty and addiction in his adopted city, was moved to make a film about the inhabitants of postal code V6A: the area commonly known as the Downtown Eastside. Designed to challenge expectations and inspire locals to think about their fellow citizens in a new light, V6A is also an unexpected celebration of the resilience and beauty of the human spirit.

In the search for truth and authenticity, the film explores human nature in its fight against the toughest, often man-made odds by questioning the definition of "Home".

We will have snacks and drinks for purchase and partial proceeds will benefit 2 Paycheques Away - a nonprofit that provides free haircuts to those from the DTES who are re-entering the workforce. Over the past 18 months Alysha Osbourne, the resident barber at Working Gear, and Mihailo Subotic, of Snap Edit Show Photography, have been documenting the before and afters of those men and women.

Don't miss this night of compassion, awareness and discussion.

About the filmmaker - Native to the European province of Piedmont in Italy, Ruggero Romano is a documentary filmmaker based in Vancouver, where he hosts his film talk show/podcast “Room Tone The Radio Show”. After moving to Vancouver in the pursuit of his dreams, Ruggero graduated from Vancouver Film School and dedicated himself to authentic stories that embrace the beauty of the human spirit. It’s after a multitude of documentaries with the Native community in British Columbia, that Ruggero decided to raise the unheard voices of Downtown Eastside Vancouver and release his debut feature documentary “V6A”, with the purpose to inspire locals to think differently about the community that colours one of the most controversial postal codes in North America.

If you ever spot Ruggero, he will likely be waving his arms every which way speaking randomized Italian phrases. Quite loudly as well. He likes to be ever so provocative, a word in conversation with him is not only hammered home, but nailed to the front door in great enthusiasm and frivolity. A keen traveler of both the world and the mind who owns an unwavering demeanor. He simply loves Life!

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