Using donated spaces, we facilitate events that inspire, empower and connect feminists. Our events include speakers and storytellers, networking and support. After each gathering, we donate partial proceeds to a local initiative benefitting Vancouver’s marginalized communities.

We are striving to create a financially, socially and physically accessible environment for all. All our venues will have wheelchair accessibility and we offer a limited number of sponsored tickets. To apply for sponsored tickets or offer any feedback on ways we can improve on inclusion, visit our Get Involved page.

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Grace Lab - Emotional Intelligence 101 with Makenzie Chilton

  • Roper Greyell 745 Thurlow Street, 25th floor Vancouver Canada (map)

Emotional Intelligence 101 - OPEN TO ALL HUMANS

Emotional Intelligence is the ability to monitor one’s own emotions and helps inform us how to better understand others' emotions. This workshop will give you the tools necessary to access emotional information that can guide our thinking, behaviours, and decision making. Empathy is most commonly associated with Emotional Intelligence, and although it is a factor, it is just one component of the overall assessment of Emotional Intelligence.

A review published in the Journal of Annual Psychology found that higher Emotional Intelligence is positively correlated with:

  1. Better social relations for children

  2. Better social relations for adults

  3. Highly emotionally intelligent individuals are perceived more positively by others

  4. Better family and intimate relationships

  5. Better academic achievement

  6. Better social relations during work performance and in negotiations

  7. Better psychological well-being

  8. Allows for self-compassion

Join Makenzie Chilton from Love Your Mondays for an in-depth learning experience of Emotional Intelligence - a fun and interactive workshop with practical takeaways for implementation.

In this workshop we will cover:

  • the three main models of Emotional Intelligence

  • the EI assessment considered to be the most scientific

  • the major components that make up Emotional Intelligence: self-perception, self-expression, interpersonal, decision making and stress management

  • how to use Emotional Intelligence in your daily life to enhance your overall well-being

Who this workshop is for: HR professionals, Management and Executive level professionals, anyone interested in improving professional and personal relationships. All humans are welcome!

For a deeper dive into your own EQ-i Score, Tier Two is for you.

The secondary tier offers personalized insight on how to develop, and improve your capacity for emotional intelligence and recognition. It can help to develop your unique cues and guidance within this critical work. This upgrade contains the scoring and explanation of your personalized EQ-i 2.0 test results, plus a one-on-one with Makenzie that will show you how to use your present superpowers of empathy and emotional intelligence. But with great power comes great responsibility! Makenzie will help outline and build a strategy with you, that will help engage and develop your understanding of yourself, and others. This is a must do for team leaders, coaches, parents, teachers, and all levels of management. (Tier One: Workshop only $127, Tier 2: Workshop plus 1:1 with Makenzie $327)

About Makenzie Chilton

Makenzie is a career coach at Love Your Mondays. Quite simply, she helps people figure out WTF they should do with their lives. Makenzie has a Masters in Forensic Psychology and 10+ years of business experience developing creative, supportive, and efficient workplace cultures. Recently her passion has led her to volunteer on the Board of Directors at Mind The Bar Foundation, an initiative for Mental Health support and education for hospitality industry workers and professionals.

  • Emotional Intelligence Practitioner - EQI Training Institute 2019

  • Psychology Advisor - Mind The Bar Foundation 2018 to present

  • $50,000 USD Winner Tahona Society 2018

  • Forum for Women Entrepreneurs Mentor - 2018 to present

  • Coaching Certificate - Coaches Training Institute International Coaches Federation

  • Guide - Sphere 2018 to present

  • Live Your Dream Participant - Marie Forelo

  • Keynote Speaker At: The BC Nurses Union, Grace Club, YES Vancouver, & Vancity Business Babes